Baby Milestone Cards

KP Designs Watercolour Baby Milestone Cards


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KP Designs Watercolour Baby Milestone Cards

These awesome KP Designs watercolour baby milestone cards contain 70 stunning white cards. They come packaged in a handy recycled card box to keep your cards safe and they also make a fantastic baby/shower gift. Lovingly designed by the talented Keren from KP designs right here in New Zealand.

From funny cards like – “Baby you’re lucky you’re cute! Coz boy am I tired” and “my first poo explosion” to the lovely ones like “Today I said Mama” and “Today I said Dada”. These cards have something for everyone!
Each pack of the KP Designs Watercolour Baby Milestone Cards contains:
  • Welcome to world little one
  • Name, date and time of birth, weight and length, place of birth.
  • My name is……
  • One hour old
  • My first day
  • You are our greatest adventure
  • You are so loved
  • For this child I prayed and the Lord answered my prayer
  • Love you to the moon and back
  • 1 – 12 weeks old
  • My first bath
  • Today I smiled for the first time!
  • My first poo explosion!
  • Today was our first family outing
  • Slept in my own room for the first time
  • Baby you’re lucky you’re cute! Coz boy am I tired
  • One – nine months old
  • Day? Night? All I know is I’m hungry mummy
  • I can giggle
  • I can grab
  • Can you tell I have a newborn? That’s a rhetorical question..
  • Is it coffee time yet?
  • I think it’s funny to keep mummy awake all night!
  • Baby Skills: sleeping, poo explosions, yawning, cuteness
  • Rolled over for the first time!
  • Slept through the night
  • Today I slept in the cot for the first time!
  • I’m a Teething & Drooling Monster
  • Today I sat up for the first time
  • Today I gave my first kiss
  • Today I ate my first food
  • My first food was…
  • I’m on the move!
  • Today I said Mama
  • Today I said Dada
  • My first word was…
  • Today I crawled for the first time
  • This is my favourite toy
  • Today was my first day of daycare
  • I can stand
  • Today I got my first tooth
  • My favourite food is…
  • First night away without mummy or daddy!
  • 10 months old
  • 11 months old
  • I am ONE today!
  • Today is my first birthday party
  • Today I took my first steps
  • Today I had my first haircut
  • Today I got my first Scar
  • I’m an explorer
Card Specifications:
  • 70 single-sided fun watercolour baby milestone cards.
  • A6 size
  • Cards are printed single sided on 300gsm white card with rounded corners
  • Presented in a recycled brown card box to keep the cards safe.
  • Made and designed in NZ by KP designs.
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