Baby Milestone Cards

Speckle Spot Monochrome Baby Milestone Cards


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Speckle Spot Monochrome Baby Milestone Cards

These awesome Speckle Spot monochrome baby milestone cards are a fun set of 54 fun monochrome designs printed onto matte white card. Keep track of your little ones’ growth throughout the first year and a bit! Simply take a photo of your little speckle spot with the appropriate milestone card beside them, to remember the moment forever.

These cards make for a perfect baby shower gift or as a treat for the expecting mum-to-be.

Here’s what’s in a pack of Speckle Spot Monochrome Baby Milestone Cards:
  1. Hello world I’m here
  2. Today I get to go home
  3. Today I took my first bath
  4. I smiled for the first time today
  5. I giggled for the first time today
  6. Today I rolled over for the first time
  7. I sat up by myself today
  8. I crawled for the first time today
  9. Today I went out in the buggy
  10. I stood for the first time today
  11. Today I took my first steps
  12. I had my first tantrum today
  13. Thank you for my present
  14. My first Christmas
  15. My first New Year
  16. My first swim
  17. My first trip to the beach
  18. I ate my first solids today
  19. I got my first tooth today
  20. I slept through the night
  21. Today I had my first swing
  22. Today I said my first word
  23. Today I said “dad”
  24. Today I said “mum”
  25. This is my favourite toy today
  26. Today I had my very first haircut
  27. My first Easter
  28. Made a new friend today
  29. Little explorer
  30. Happy birthday
  31. I went to the zoo today
  32. I wake up awesome
  33. YAY!
  34. Hi!
  35. Boss
  36. XOXO
  37. I love you to the moon and back
  38. Happy Camper
  39. One week old today
  40. Two weeks old today
  41. Three weeks old today
  42. One month old today
  43. Two months old today
  44. Three months old today
  45. Four months old today
  46. Five months old today
  47. Six months old today
  48. Seven months old today
  49. Eight months old today
  50. Nine months old today
  51. Ten months old today
  52. Eleven months old today
  53. One today
  54. My first birthday party
Card Specifications:
  • 54 single-sided A6 size fun baby milestone cards.
  • Cards are printed single sided on 300gsm environmentally accredited card.
  • Finished with round corners
  • Individually packaged in a hand stamped drawstring bag.
  • NZ made by Speckle Spot Creative.
These Speckle Spot baby milestone cards also come in a fun colour variation.